Feather Damage-When Does it Get Better?


11 Years
Apr 3, 2008
Missoula, Montana
I have a hen whose feathers on her back are damaged by an aggressive rooster. Well, that rooster is now in our freezer, and has been for several weeks, but the hen's feathers do not seem to be recovering. She still has some that are torn and shredded. I know it can't be from the other hens, because she is the top hen in the pecking order. How long might it take for her pretty red feathers to grow back? Will I have to wait for a moult? Thanks for your input!
Our roo did the same thing to our hens. Some of the down started to grow back, not much, but from what I read, the next molt is when to expect for the new feather growth.
yeah, not until she molts... My uncles chicken got pecked on real bad by his 2 ducks... they've been seperated for 2 months, and she still doesn't have her feathers yet... sorry about your hen!

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