Feather lose in 26 days old chick

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Jul 7, 2021
Hi, I have 3 chicks Who are 26 days old. They have feather lose in their shoulders and chest. Feather lose in chest is severe as it is naked. is it molting or parasites, please help me


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I don't see anything alarming (why is the chick pink?). Chicks can get some large bare spots sometimes as they go through juvenile molts (there will be several) until they have their first full set of adult feathers. Sometimes they can be really ratty looking, individual birds, and different breeds can vary. There may be periods of a lot of preening of feathers as they remove feather shafts from new feathers. As they get older you may see a lot of feather dust and loose feathers laying around at times. If they are eating, drinking, pooping normally, behavior is normal, then that is likely all it is.

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