Feather loss?


8 Years
May 19, 2011
I noticed one of my hybrids (RIR/Leghorn), about 2 years old, is losing feathers from the back of her head, right behind the crown. She's almost bald there, about an inch square. Also feathers just above the tail feathers look thin. Any ideas?
if there is a rooster in the cage he is probably the cause- tis the season LOL. if there is no rooster, and another hen isn't picking on her, it could be molt which is natural. another problem could be some sort of mite, they are small look something like dirt (brown or red typically) but fairly easy to see under the wings and near the vent. if you see some "dirt" knock it off onto some paper and see if it moves, if so its probably mites.

if you could get me a picture it may help.


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