Feather pecking...please help!


7 Years
May 23, 2012
I have two wayndotte hens and they went after my easter egger hen, she now has a large area of missing feathers and some raw spots that are a bit bloody. I have her quarentined and I cleaned the area and put some antiseptic on her that says it's for chickens called poultry aid. Also I put some pick no more on her back as she keeps pecking at herself. Please help let me know if there is anything else I should be doing.

Also is there anything that I can use to keep her from pecking at herself. I didn't want to put the pick no more on any open area around her tail. She did have a stool while I was working on her and that appeared normal so I don't think she has any issues there and she's about two months old so she's not laying yet. Her vent appeared normal from what I can tell.

Do put blue kote on her as that will cover the blood and wounds and is an antiseptic as well. make sure she has food at all times and also check for lice/mites, anything that might cause her to be picking on herself as well...
I put her in a seperate cage with water, food and a forage block to keep her occupied. She just wants to peck and her but a bit and is also fluffed up as well. I did buy some poultry nutri-drench suppliment and thought I would give her a dose tonight just to perk her up and help her heal faster. I will go get some of that blue kote, TSC said they have some on the shelf. Her open areas aren't very deep. She wasn't like this at all yesterday and I try to keep a good eye on my hens so they must have just started it last night at I found her this way today around noon. I went down this morning and just glanced at them to make sure they had feed and water as I was running late to church. So when I got home I went down and found her like this. It really didn't take them long to be distructive and nasty. So frustrated.

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