Feather Picking and Eating Feathers


12 Years
Sep 24, 2007
I have 15 9 week old chicks that are picking on each other. I have them in a chicken pen/coop that is designed for the amount of chickens I have, so they have room in their to move about. I feed them Purina Starter Grower Feed, have 2 feeders in their coop, plenty of water. I fill their feeder and waterer 2 times a day. What on earth is going on with these girls???? My 1st flock didn't pick on each other like this and they lived in the same coop/pen until we got a bigger hen house and run. I'm waiting for these chicks to get bigger to put them in the run/house with the older hens.

Any suggestions of what is happening here?



11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
they might be too hot.

or not getting enough protien in their diet.

i give mine meal worms every day.. or dig some critters up from the yard..

i also heard they can become bored and start pecking at toes and stuff.. and once one is injured and has blood then they all kinda start pickin on it

hope it helps


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
Hi all,

I've been off-line for awhile ( at least not the time to post!).
My chicks are 7 1/2 weeks old and one JUST started pulling feathers from the others!

At first, I thought the feathers they were all "playing with" were naturally dropped (newbie here)--had no idea they were being pulled out!:mad:

Today I noticed that one banty brahma had shorter feathers on one wing than the other... so I sat in the coop and waited and watched. My sweet little GLW walked about from one to the other trying to pluck feathers!!@!!!!!!

I read that they may be too hot, so I raised the heat lamp. I didn't worry too much about it as they have plenty of space to move away, but maybe they want to stay near the red light???

They have 5.5 sq ft per bird (I have 13), fresh water, 2 feeders, clean conditions 5-6" pine shavings-no smell, etc.) natural light and a red light when needed, plenty of roost space. (9 roost and the others sleep on the shavings)

NOW...last Friday my daughter's class of 11 came to visit and I took them in the coop 2 at a time, then Monday the Brownie Troop came (18). Would this stress the birds? It was calm and the kids were all extremely well-behaved (didn't try to pick up, no loud voices, etc.)

Thanks for your help. We love having our chicks! We can't believe that they are so much fun to have around and to watch, etc!!!


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