Feather picking and nutrition

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Kerry Ellen

May 10, 2020
One of my Easter Eggers is picking her own tail feathers and now her friends are helping her. Her bum is pretty bald and she does have some bleeding spots. I’m using vetricyn to help the wound and just ordered an apron to cover her tail and bum. I’m wondering if her picking might have something to do with protein intake. Everyone’s yolks are nearly orange, but this girl has a very pale yellow yolk. The majority of their diet is layer feed with occasional scratch, mealworms and whatever they forage during supervised free range. I just find it so odd that her egg is so pale in comparison AND she’s ripping out her feathers. Anyone have a similar experience or advice?
I wonder if this is the low bird, why she's getting picked on and maybe isn't getting enough to eat.
More info might help here.
-your flock size(numbers, ages, genders),
-your coop(size in feet by feet with pics).

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