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    Aug 2, 2008
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    Help.... I have 9 two month old chickens and they have all gotton along so well. I think two of my more dominate chickens are picking the feathers from the White Crested Polish Bantams head. (Zina). It appears they are doing this when I have the Red heat lamp on. (it has been in the low 30's at night) and they just moved into their new chicken coop instead of the garage. Her head is now bleeding. I have tried placing some black tar goopy medication on it to stop the picking one night but they picked it all off and now it is worse. I took Zina in and let her sleep in my shower last night and let her back into the chicken run this morning. One of the local feeds stores said to kill the chickens that are doing this... I really don't want to be that extreme. It seems suspecious it is only happening when the red lamp is on...

    Does anyone have any suggestions. I am at work today so I cannot search the website for past posting but I will tonight.

    Here is a bit more information. I have 9 hens (no roo's) in an enclosed chicken run during the day that is around 100 square feet. I give them treats (broc, parsley, oranges) and they have plenty of food and water. They have an chicken coop area with roosts that is around 70 square feet that I lock them in at night.

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    I don't know how to help you, but I'm sure someone on here will know! I have faith in them.
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    many times the crested breeds get picked on because they are so different.It is still part of the pecking order,so there's not much you can do with out seperating them.I'm surprized the grease thing didn't work. Will

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