Feathered Fashions

How? have you made one for a small duckling? If so could you tell me lol.

I have a micro Muscovy that i have made a couple for. Working on perfecting the actual harness like the goossesmother and nettie make right now.
I've used Avian fashions, bought them for my parrots. But they get used by my bantam. GREAT!!

Pic isn't that good, but would recommend to everyone! It velcros together at the top, and the leash adapter goes inside that.
After reading your post, I went to the website and ordered. She has a indoor goose, but said she had no problem making them for ducks. I gave her the measurements and picked out the fabric, she also said with shipping it would only take a week and a half tops (which was nice, after waiting 2 months for one I never got). She seemed really nice, and knows what she is doing. I'll keep you posted. I have been wanting a harness since getting my 1st duckling. Especially with hurricane season coming, it seems it would be much easier in the car and hotel with them lol

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