Feathering out process or Injury?


Apr 21, 2015
Abita Springs, LA
I have a new mixed flock of birds appox 5 weeks old. I have no older birds. My sole Production Red has a strip of missing feathers along the side of his neck that is only apparent when he stretches his neck out. The skin does not look raw. I have not noticed any of my flock of eight birds pecking aggressively at each other or a particularly dominant bird yet. I suspect it is just part of the feathering out process as opposed to an injury or disease. Does this sound plausible?
It's part of the feathering out process. The down that they are born with is all they have until their feathers grow in. It doesn't grow with them, so to speak. They will also get bald or thin spots on their bellies, backs, and under their wings. All of it is completely normal.

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