Feathering out speed--cockerels vs. pullets.


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Aug 26, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
I hatched out some baby chicks on June 1st and 2nd. Today they have some wing feathers, but I noticed that some of them just have the tip of the wing feathered out while others have nearly half the wing fully feathered. Do you think this has anything to do with their sex, or is just a fluke? I've read something about the different lengths in wing feathers involving sex right at first, but I'm not sure exactly how to tell...

Do you think I should try to mark the ones with fewer wing feathers to see if they turn out as roosters?
Here's my experience:

cochins - (had one feather out much slower but she still appears to be a pullet) otherwise feathered out the same

ee's - feathered out the same

ameraucanas - males tails grew slower

wyandottes - feathered out the same

silkies - roo's topknot is feathering out slower

I only have one rir (jury's still out on whether it's a pullet or roo) and one gold sex-link pullet - both feathered out VERY slowly.

As you can see it really varies by breed. Usually slow tail feathering is a pretty good indication, but not always. Hope that helps a bit!
go to feathersite and click on sexing chicks. click on where it says chart. there is a chart on there that tells you what to expect. I have found that hens feather out quickly and they get their tails alot sooner than the males. I have ben going by the tail thing and so far its correct. The tophats and silkies are another matter.
Here's my Bantam Cochins at two weeks and again at five weeks. One has poufy adult feathers, and the other is half bald! He also is developing a red comb and wattle while the other remains yellow. May I assume Pearl and Cueball are a pair?

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