Featherless Emu, need winter coat


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Dec 13, 2020
I have two emus that are just under 2 years old. I have a male and female and the male has almost completely lost its feathers. I believe we have finally figured out why, we believe it may be our rambunctious goat pulling his feathers. We have separated them but the goat always seems to find a way back to him. Anyway, we should have that problem completely handled now. My concern is it’s winter time and the emu is bare. Is there such a thing as an emu coat or blanket? Any recommendations on what to use, how and fabrics? I am sewing capable so could make something, just need ideas on what could work.
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Looks like you'll be the pioneer of emu blankets! If it get seriously cold in your area, you must cosset this bird until is re-plumages

[Is 're-plumage' even a word?]


We have him in the barn since it snowed, my husband was able to fit this outfit up for him! He really enjoyed the sleeve on his bare neck😁

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