Feathers all over the coop!

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    I put my chickens in the coop almost a month ago and within the past few weeks I've noticed that there are always feathers all over the place. Is this normal? I've seen a couple feathers on the birds that seem like they're sticking out or ready to fall off. How do you know if the flock is in molt? What will it look like? I've never seen any of the birds picking at each others feathers. Could it be mites? I've used diatomaceous earth quite liberally but I've never seen a chicken taking a dust bath in the available area. What could be the problem?
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    nothing is the problem unless any unusual behavior or if there rolling in the dirt allot it could mean mites possibly its a good idea to check.
    in my flock I see feathers on the ground all the time and they shed in the summer so this is not un normal
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    You write they've been in the coop about a month and that makes me think they're rather young. Young birds go through several different phases of partial molts as they head into adulthood. They're shedding the last of their immature feathers and bringing in their adult ones. I looked this up earlier as my 19 wk. old girls have been doing the same thing.

    Quote: http://www.daff.qld.gov.au/animal-industries/poultry/care-and-husbandry/moulting

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