Feathers missing vanes (frizzle Serama)


7 Years
Nov 22, 2012
I have a frizzle Serama hen who appears to be fine, except for the fact that her primaries are just shafts.
We've had a small scaly legs problem, but those mites don't (usually?) affect feathers, and I don't think she has them anyway. I don't think it's a factor but it's probably worth mentioning. Are damaged/abnormal feathers normal (or not uncommon) for frizzles? She doesn't have much trouble with the pecking order. She's not on top but she's got a lot of attitude and we've another (non-frizzle) Serama with healthy feathers below her. Bullying isn't really at all a problem in the flock, but she's been broody recently--could she have been picked on when coming out of the coop every once in a while for food/water? Meek brooders have had trouble rejoining the flock.
She's still very perky and doesn't appear to be in any pain. Can't fly, of course, but being a frizzle she was never very good at that. Just want to make sure she's healthy and safe.



Jul 16, 2015
You should visit the Polishbreedersclub.Com website very informative on feathering issues with frizzels , frazzles ( aka curlys) and sizzles which judging from the pictures you posted it looks like a frazzled over curl of the feathers

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