Feathers missing


Apr 27, 2020
I personally would just keep an eye out and make sure no one ends up bleeding because that can lead to others pecking at it & cannibalism, but I had a girl worse than what I'm seeing in your pics and she turned out fine. I was also considered with sunburn since she had a bald spot & its skin that isnt normally exposed (not sure if relevant, just instinct), but mine have a lot of cover so that didnt seem to be an issue either. If someone does end up being the favorite, it might be worth the peace of mind of putting a hen saddle on her. Ive been told theres a tutorial online with minimal sewing skill.
Thank you, I'll check into a hen saddle if I see it's getting worse. I do have some Blue Kote on hand from a pecking issue earlier on if it gets too bad.
This is my first time raising chickens on my own since I was young and at home.
There my babies 😊

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