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    Aug 6, 2012
    I am a fellow flockster raising chickens and ducks for our little homestead, loving the birds and rather new to it, I'll admit.

    My passion is art and of course I've been collecting feathers as I find them. My partner forbids the notion of aquiring more birds, especially 'nonpractical' ones-- given what I've read here re their special considerations I suppose he's right. And at least for now will let it be.

    I'm wondering if, however, any of you bird breeders would give or sell feathers to me for jewelery, hair pieces, etc.?! I would especially love some Palawan tail feathers, or even a whole tail (is that morbid?) Most of my art/craft pieces are made from things I have found (roadkill, our chooks, or repurposed from other things like a thriftstore boa...) that way I can sort of 'keep alive' through it's still present beauty the animals' essense.

    K, 'nuff said!

    Thank you, Amber

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