Feathers plucked and inflammation on wing


8 Years
Jul 6, 2011
Town of Clayton
We had a big storm today and it looks like some chickens didn't quite get it that they should take cover. A couple of them are soaked and I noticed on one of my red stars that she has some feathers plucked on her top right shoulder and it looks red and inflamed. It's at an area where she could turn her neck and do it. I wonder, is she doing this? And how come? And what do I do with the drenched, plucked thing now?
So far she's in a crate on my kitchen table (won't the husband love that) with some vitamin water and salmon and scrambled egg...and a towel.
I should also add that she's crouching down. As though a rooster were approaching. She's a layer, and has been laying an egg a day...including today. She stands...then will crouch down. Odd behavior for her.

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