Feathers pulled out. Naked back and all tail feathers are gone.

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Feb 28, 2008
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Should I apply anything on the roosters bare back ?

Rooster got into our foster Border Collie fence. From prior actions, I thought our foster Border Collie was a chicken killer .... but I have learned she is a good hunting dog ....she did not bite the chicken, she did not kill the chicken .... she held him down waiting for a human to come retrieve the bird. It happened during the night and storm and I was unaware until 8am. The poor rooster has lost many feathers. His entire back is naked and all his tail feathers are gone.

No punctures to the skin that I can see. The roo is not hurt ... just was scared but ok now. I have him in a pen by himself to heal.

I do not see any flies on the roo. I have a Blue spray from Tractor supply ? And I do have some homepathic items ... and essential oils. Should I apply anything at all or just leave it alone ?

P.S. Several weeks ago, this Border Collie got loose and chased a chicken and caught it. I ran and caught up and yelled at the BC to drop it. She way lying down holding the bird. As soon as I approached her, she back up and layed down and let the bird go .... as if to say ...Ok ... I got it for you. We found no punctures in that bird then. I felt then it was just luck that I got to the chicken in time before the Border Collie killed it. But now, after seeing she had this rooster in her fence for hours ... and did not kill it .... I now realize she is NOT a chicken killer.
I am so proud .... because it is not good to have a Border Collie on a farm if she is going to kill chickens. Now we have some hard training to do with her to keep her from chasing chickens.

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