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    I have found an extra added plus to raising chickens. I have been collecting some of the more beautiful feathers that are hanging around my coop. I really need to know how to clean them without damaging them. I figured anything that has been that close to chicken droppings would have germs and bacteria and who know what else. Please could someone give me some help? Also what is the best way to store them after cleaning.? I have been sticking 2-3 feathers into the end of straws then placing the straws into a vase. These feather bouquets are beautiful...the reason for the straws is to keep the feathers from falling all around.
    thanks for any information.
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    Well.....If you really feel the need to clean them, and I would only do this if there is visible dirt.....you can lay them in a sink, with water, and just swish them around gently. Then lay them flat to dry. For your flower bouquet....try a piece of foam. You can get them at wal mart, in the craft section, different shapes. The feathers will poke into them pretty easily.
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    Well, I'm pretty germ-phobice, and I don't think I'd worry about it. First of all, the feathers won't be handled once they're arrangend, right? The majority of germs won't survive more than a few days--especially if the humiditiy is low. But if you're worried, you might try spritzing a couple of feathers with alcohol to see how they hold up.

    I'd love to see pictures of your feather vases.

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    I found a post about sterilizing feathers on another BB:
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