8 Years
May 28, 2011
Three out of six chickens are loosing their feathers around the tail. Not the tail feathers but on the body around the tail. Thought it might be bugs, but Sevin in the wood chips didn't help. Haven't noticed pecking, and they are only 1 year old so not molting. Anyone have an idea?
Is there a Rooster in your hen house? Roosters can pull the feathers during the breeding process. I have read that the nails and spur of the rooster can be clipped to prevent this but I am not certain of the specifics of how short you can clip them.
I have the same problem
I first noticed it last August when they were about 4 months old. I added a rooster in November, so I cannot blame him. I did have a mite issue in January, but have treated all of them, dusted the coop with DE at every cleaning & provided a peat moss & DE dust bath and have seen no further mites. But, the missing feathers continue to go thru my flock. I have a few different breeds, and it seems to go thru cycles. It will effect my Barred Rocks and then they will grow their back feathers back, but it will effect my NH Reds ... then they will get better, etc. I have 16 layers and it is effecting 6 of them right now. It does not seem to be effecting egg production. I also have 13 guinea hens that show no sign of feather loss, nor the rooster. Any suggestions?

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