February egg tally


11 Years
Jun 13, 2010
Admire, KS
I have 7 pullets. They will be a year old in July. In February (28 days), they laid:

Angel (Delaware) 26 (solid medium brown) -- the 2nd to lay
Lisbeth (Welsumer) 25 (dark brown with speckles_
Lily (EE) 22 (green eggs)
Vic (GLW) 20 (pink -- I swear they are pink, not light brown with a powdery finish)
Scout (Golden Campine) 20 (white almost transluscent) -- first to lay at 21 weeks
Lucy (Delaware) 11 (medium brown, speckles, shaded from dark to light on the small end)
Misty (Partridge Rock) 9 (8 were double yolkers following 2 soft shelled eggs laid from the roost. It is becoming a pattern.) (eggs longer than normal, light brown)

The girls have been laying since late December, so they are getting into a pattern. I am worried about the egg-producing machinery in Misty because of the soft/no shell eggs under the roost and the repeated production of double yolkers, but since there isn't anything I can do about it, I'm just sitting tight on the issue. They have calcium in their feed and oyster shell available, so there isn't much more I can do for her.

I'm averaging 4.75 eggs per day from my 7 girls (with two not laying much at all). I'm liking those numbers.

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