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Mach 1 Padilla

Jun 5, 2018
Whats up guys and gals, Currently im on another chicken forum (not this one so don't worry) that has started to charge a fee to use it. It is exactly like this one in terms of conversations and posts. I just think its ridiculous and wanted to see what yall thought about charging to use a forum?

And in theory what you would do if this one started to say 10-25$ a year or so.


Jul 31, 2018
Catalonia, Spain
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Another chicken unrelated forum I used to visit started by packing in the advertising and eventually asked for donations and then finally started to charge its members.
What seems to get forgotten by some forum owners who seem to suffer from megalomania as the forums attract more subscribers, is the forum is the subscribers. It’s all those little people who create the content, answer the questions, provide the links, give advice.
Yes, it’s great to have the opportunity and the facilities but it’s the traffic that counts and the traffic is us.

Mach 1 Padilla

Jun 5, 2018
this one does charge if you want to be a premium member and do things like block ads.

it's a free market economy they should be free to charge if they want to, no skin off my nose. nobody is forcing anyone to use there forum.

I would be very gone if you had to pay to use this forum.

I totally understand being a premium member or getting extra stuff for a charge, but these guys want to charge to use it period.


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Mar 11, 2017
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There is work that goes into creating and maintaining a website and not everyone is ok doing that work for free. As the site grows, I imagine the workload grows as well. I have had both paid and unpaid memberships to various sites. The way I look at it is that if I find value in the site and use it regularly, I do not mind chipping in and paying for a membership upgrade from time to time. I find that with the rise of the internet and the rise and explosive growth of social media and cell phone use people now expect information and interactions to be both speedy and free. We may not all pay to use individual websites, however most of us pay much more for internet service now than we did years ago, the information certainly isn't provided to us for free.


Nov 19, 2018
I don't mind the choice of basic membership, or a premium membership. But I wouldn't pay upfront just to be able to view content I could get for free elsewhere, especially if it was a forum where I couldn't see what I was paying for ahead of time. I like the option of paying if I want other services.

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Aug 26, 2009
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I love Backyard Chickens and plan to stay - is people want to go elsewhere and pay for it, that's there perogative.- ack another word - spell check and I can't spell. I hate when that happens. OLD spell check used to auto correct.

The Moonshiner

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Nov 17, 2016
Who cares?
BYC is the best chicken forum there is and IMO the only one worth being on so why would I give a darn what some other site is doing?

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