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    I recently showed a video of my brooder and some changed I had made to it, to include my own “Feed Catcher”. When I posted it, I was asked how I made it. This is what I did and you can too if you want one of your own:


    • 1 Box ( I had a 14x14x3 Clear Box )
    Can purchase at:
    Amazon: (http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Options-Project-Box-14-Magenta/dp/B00C1MK16I)
    Walmart: (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Creative-Options-Project-Box-14-X14-X3-Clear-Magenta/26935192)
    • Screws / Bolts ( #8-32 x ½” )
    • Washers ( ½” )
    • ¼” Galvanized Hardwire Cloth (Cut 12”x12”)
    • Box cutter
    • Drill
    • Wire cutters

    • Get your plastic box, I have supplied you with the links to purchase the exact one I used (IMAGE 1) if you so choose, but any container with a lid will work as long as it is bigger than your feeder.

    (IMAGE 1)

    • Drill holes in each corner of the lid (black circles in IMAGE 2) to create a 10”x10” square.

    (IMAGE 2)​


    • Using your box cutter, now cut straight from each hole (red lines in IMAGE 2)
    • You now should have the 10”x10” square hole you need (as shown in IMAGE 3) If only mine looked that straight and clean! LOL

    (IMAGE 3)​


    • Now get your Galvanized Hard Wire Cloth and cut it to 12”x12”
    • Using your newly cut wire cloth, lay it on top of the box you will be installing it, and mark where you want to place each screw to hold it in place.
    • Once you have each drill hole marked, go ahead a drill holes in each area you want to bolt the mesh to the lid (blue circles in IMAGE 4)

    (IMAGE 4)​


    • Once all holes are created, connect the wire cloth to the plastic box using the screws, washers and bolts listed above until all is securely tightened. (IMAGE 5)

    (IMAGE 5)​


    If all went well, you can now place your newly created "FEED CATCHER" under your feeder & your chicks will know no difference other then now they have a table for their food.

    JUST A SIDE NOTE The box I used has a curve within the lid which allowed me to place the hard wire cloth onto it without it sticking out and possibly causing a trip or hang hazard to the chicks, or sticking me when I clean it which Is the reason I picked this particular container and supplied you with the exact one I used.

    Also, when cutting the mesh, I made sure to cut up close to the edging so I didn’t leave any sharp “needle” type edging. I tried to make the cut as clean as possible.


    If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!! :) Happy saving money on feed!! :)


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