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    May 11, 2016
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    I have 15 free ranging chickens, 5 red sex links, 5 leghorns and 3 americanas & 2 barrock rocks.

    I give them a 3 lb scoop in the feeder in the morning & 1 in the evening when they go in their coop.
    I seem to be going thru alot of feed for free ranging chickens.
    I am feeding them too much ??
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    Welcome! Chickens should be fed free choice; that means a good balanced diet in the feeders all the time. They will eat what they need and do fine. Some feeders are good at preventing spillage and waste, others aren't. You can also have wild critters eating your feed when the coop is opened in the daytime. Restricting feed for your birds is NOT helpful. Mary
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    after 1-2 days you probably will know the estimate amount of feed your chickens will go through, so adjust the amount accordingly

    i use a measurement cup so i can estimate how much

    for my area it can get up to 100 atm and 110-120 in the summer.. so i do not want to leave 5lb of feed in the feeder to bake in the hot temperature

    I keep the 30lb feed container inside the house and just refill their feeder each day with new feed. That way my chickens (5) will not be eating the feed that had been outside of the hot temperature for a few days.

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