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    This spring I am tackling alot more than I usually do with day old chicks.

    First off, I am getting 80 Cornish X's in a couple weeks. Then a week later I am scheduled to receive 50 of Mc Murry's "rarest of the rare". This is in addition to the 32 layers I am already feeding (2 to 3 years old).

    My local feed mill HATES bagging feed for me, so much so that they bought me a 1 ton feed bin.

    So... is there any way I can raise the babies and my old layers on just 1 feed mix? I understand that my layers don't need as much protein as the Cornish but will they be able to cope with it?

    Any suggestions as to what protein YOU would like me to use?? Or any special additives I can add to make this situation work???

    Right now I am feeding my layers 80% corn, 20% oats to which they blend in 41% protein. The actual pounds of each changes depending on how many total pounds I order. The current blend is 18%.
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    I wish I had a good answer, but I am not really sure! [​IMG]
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    The protein and calcium percentages are pretty different for babies and laying hens. You might ping some of our mods/old timers for suggestions. Good luck, and maybe you could bribe your local feed mill with some eggs? [​IMG]
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    Well, whole corn is to large for chicks and cracked corn loses it`s nutritional value extremely fast, so how are you figuring 18%? Maybe it is when it leaves the mill, but in 3 days after being cracked, corn has about as much nutrition as dirt. Sure you can use it for filler, but as a main diet it really lacks. That goes for layers as well as chicks. You can keep them alive on it, but.......

    Commercial mills spend a fortune getting their blend correct for a balanced diet. I firmly believe you would be ahead of the game by buying comercial starter/grower and laying ration. That said, if you can find a way to keep your protien at about 20% and supply your hens with oyster shell, you may pull it off. Good luck.........Pop
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    Quote:Well, I let them figure out the math but on my last receipt for 250 pounds of feed lists 120 pounds corn, 30 pounds oats and 100 pounds of 41% protein. Somewhere around here I have a tag off a Cargail protein bag, I just can't find it right now.

    But anyway, to answer your question. Depending on how many pounds of corn I order, they blend in XX pounds of protein. Does that make sense?
    Just like the spendy bags in the stores.
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    I have been searching the archives and it seems that there are a few people who have been told it is ok to feed one feed to chicks, chickens, gamebirds, etc.

    EDIT: I think I should have posted this in the feeding section, not the raising.

    Anyone know how to contact a Mod to delete this thread? I am re-posting my question in the other section.

    Thanks to everyone how answered here though!!!!
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