Feed for Hens and 3 mth olds?

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    Currently have some 1 yr old girls on layer and some 3 month olds on grower. When can they get put together? The younger ones are the same "size" as the other girls but are younger. All are large breed birds. BO, BR, BA, Cochins, etc. Thanks!
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    Size isn't the issue with regards to pullets eating layer feed, altho' maturity is, to a certain extent. What is important is whether the birds are producing an eggshell every day, or not.

    Since they are 60 or 70 days away from egg-laying, they cannot use all the calcium in the layer feed that way. There's about 3 times more of this mineral in the layer feed than in starter/grower, the pullets' immature kidneys must eliminate it from their bodies. (Think about a 3 pound bird voiding the equivalent of an eggshell thru their kidneys each day.)

    You can put the laying hens on grower with oyster shell offered free choice. That would be a way of having all of them on the same feed. Make the change slowly and there may not be a change in egg production.

    My laying hens are fed this way with Purina FlockRaiser. The higher protein level of that grower allows me to feel comfortable feeding more kitchen scraps and veggies from the garden.

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