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Sep 19, 2013
Hello, I will be getting my first Silkie chicks this week. Never had chickens before and not sure what type of food to get these little girls to start out with. What do you guys recommend.
Hello, Welcome to the beautiful world of chicks!!

your local farmstore will have feed called, chick starter. Whichever type they have will be fine. Others may chime in about organic, medicated, non-medicated, booster vitamins, silky specific ideas, etc. Choose a style best suited for you and your chicks will do fine.

The learning center will have a section to read about raising chicks that will provide basic information about the feed. I started five years ago with chicks after reading that section (and other on line documents) and I have had good results following those practices for my home flock.

I started new chicks last week in the barn brooder where I have had chicks previously, so I chose regular, common, medicated chick starter. I will use that to avoid cocci for about a month to 6 weeks as they are transitioned to the coop. After that time the immune system is more mature and I will wean them off medicated onto regular starter/grower. 'just one opinion. Others will have opinions and methods that are very good as well.

Enjoy your new flock!

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