Feed for newborn chicks with a mother hen


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Jun 11, 2009
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I just had 4 little ones hatch from my reliable hen, Molly. One yesterday, one through the night, one early this morning and one tonight at 9 pm. I have read they dont need food for 3 days..... I am a long way from a feed store. Will chicks be able to get what they need from regular mash? Temporarily? Long term?
What do you mean by regular mash? Layer? Grower?

You can offer Mama and chicks grower or starter. Chicks should not have layer; too much calcium. If you only have layer, you may be able to get away with the chicks eating it for a day or two. You can put out oyster shell separately, and Mama will get the calcium she will need when she starts laying again from it.

They can live on the yolk for 3 days, it's not the healthiest thing to do for them. If mama is raising them, she will teach them to eat and drink much sooner than that.
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Agrees with Dawn. Momma hens will eat the chick starter/grower right along with the chicks and it's good for her.

I'd make a feedstore run if I were you.
I only have layer. It should be ok for 1 day though? is there anything i might have around the house that would be better, or something i could buy from the grocery store? I have corn meal and millet.
Thanks again!!
4 babies and counting!!!!
oh, and the colors they are now, will they retain? I have one that looks like a little dairy cow.
I'm sure the layer will be OK for one day, but you need to make that trip soon. On the colors, probably at least somewhat the same, depends on breed.

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