Feed for Shamo and Thai breeds....???

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  1. chue

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    Aug 17, 2011
    I just recently acquired 2 thai/shamo chicks from my friend. They are about 1 month old.

    What kind of feed should I be feeding them if I plan "NOT TO" cull them for eating?

    In other words they are NOT broiler type. Im keeping them as a hobby.

    Should I feed them "quick grow"? Its my local feed stores recommendation for baby chicks, whether they will be broiler or hobby.

    My friend that gave the chicks to me feeds them "hog feed". Is that a good choice?

    Should I supplement oyster shells?

    I read somewhere...shamos and thais are "big boned" type birds. Therefore they do not need a calcium supplement like oyster shells.

    My theory is...since they are big boned...they should "need" the calcium supplement right? Or will that "mess up" there digestive system. Those oyster shell pieces feel sharp and oddly shaped for a young chicks developing digestive system.


  2. Chris09

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Quote:At one month old they don't need extra Calcium.
    As for a feed you want them on a low protein feed around 13 -14 percent protein so a good hog feed would be just right for them.
    I will also recommend PM-ing saladin here on BYC and he can help you a lot on what to feed and when to feed it when it comes to Orientals.


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