feed for your flock.

I just made a post about this earlier today. I just purchased some scratch mix that has a small amount of uncooked split peas and I wasn't sure if they would hurt the chickens. Someone posted back that they also purchased some scratch that has split peas in it and their chickens are doing well. I wouldn't feed the chickens a lot of uncooked split peas, but it seems like if they're in a scratch mix designed for birds, they're ok. As a general rule don't feed your birds uncooked beans. If you're wanting to feed them split peas that aren't part of a scratch mix, you'll definitely want to cook them first.
Split peas & lentils do not need to be cooked and are fine for chickens. They are 22-24% protein, so really good for upping the protein. I have fed mine whole field peas and they are fine, even the bantams. They are not their favorite, but they eat them.
Thank you for the response, Cindy in PA. The more knowledge about feeding the flock, the better. Split peas and lentils = good.

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