Feed particles in egg?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Clucking Lovely, Aug 21, 2016.

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    I don't have access to a computer and the app is terrible for not letting me post pictures, but this morning we cracked an egg and found some weird things in it! To me they look like fat little larvae!!!!!!! Someone told me it looks like feed particles. Has anyone ever had any foreign objects in their eggs??? Has anyone ever had parasites in their eggs? Are they visible without the use of a microscope? Im scared to eat breakfast lol...
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    Sometimes there's some funk in eggs, it happens. They can occasionally lay an egg with roundworms in, which I've never seen, occasionally bits of the oviduct break off, blood spots, and sometimes hard weird eggs come out.

    I always crack my eggs in a separate bowl first to check them out. When in doubt, throw them out.

    Some hens can chronically lay eggs with gunk in them, and some it's caused by being bumped or hitting a wall when flying.

    Mass egg producers will sort out those type of eggs and sell them for baking mixes or anything else that needs eggs.

    So you have to mentally prepare yourself for imperfect eggs sometimes.
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    Foreign objects happen a lot, more than folks realize. Store bought eggs are candled to screen them out.

    Do a search for meat spots, that's probably what you see. It's a bit of ovarian tissue that sloughs off during the egg production process. Totally harmless, doesn't hurt the hen or you. I try to pick it out if I can, but if not I just mix it in and enjoy.

    I think it's possible to have worms come through in eggs, but I'd imagine the infestation would have to be so severe you'd have other indicators your birds had parasites. If they're healthy looking, smooth glossy feathers, active, good eaters, and productive, you're good.
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    Parasites in a chicken egg is rare, tho possible.
    Calcium deposits are a possibility also.

    Tiny pieces of tissue, as mentioned above, are far more common.

    Really need a pic....mobile app-SMH....too bad.

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