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8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
My Silkie and sizzle chicks are 5 weeks on Friday. From day one they have been on normal chick starter, which I've used for all my chicks while they were little. Well, they ran out of normal chick starter so I had to go with medicated feed with the little normal starter than I had left, just mixed. Didn't think it would hurt. Switching to the medicated won't hurt will it? They are going outside in a week or two, but will have no access to dirt or grass etc., they will basically be in a larger brooder inside my coop. There are only three chicks so they don't eat that much. Just wondering, because I have a broody Silkie hen and her one chick outside eating medicated also. Thoughts? Won't hurt, right? Sorry for the questions, raising babies has always just kept me nervous! Thank you ahead of time.
No, it won't hurt the chicks at all. Medicated food is actually better for chicks raised with out their mother.

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