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10 Years
May 22, 2009
SW Michigan
For those of you who have your broiler feed custom milled, would you share your recipe. Specifically I am looking for any supplements that you might add, such as Fertrell. The mill I have is not a dealer of their products and I am curios if anyone uses supplements and to what extent.

Here is what I got last year. I just ordered a batch of feed for the meaties I have coming Thursday, and I had them add some kelp.

I just had a 22% Protein and 3% Fat mash put together for my birds, they will be on this start to finish.
Here is the recipe for a ton batch.
1200 Corn, 600 Soybean Meal, 48 Roasted Soybeans, 50 Oats, 50 Alfalfa, 50 Fish Meal, 1 Methionine, 1 Trace minerals.
As for supplements, I use McMurray's Broiler Booster. The mill adds it right to the feed for me when they grind it. I think it's 1lb per 1000lbs feed.

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