feed/taste of eggs


9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
I was wondering if anyone has noticed what they're feeding affecting the taste of the eggs? So if you feed more "feed" then it will taste more like that feed, and if they free range it will just taste more like "farm fresh eggs" (no one steady staple in diet)... I'm asking because I was thinking my lake could really use to cull some fissh, and I thought the chickens would like the treat when they're older, but I wouldn't want their eggs to start tasting "fishy". Nasty! Lol.. Any exp. With this guys?
I feed my chickens left overs a lot. (whatever the kids didn't clean off their plates that can't go in the worm bin or the compost pile) there's fish, garlic, you name it. Haven't noticed a flavor change, but they don't get a LOT of left overs either.
I feed my birds...chicken...& my eggs tastes like...CHICKENS!
Thanks guys! Maybe we should study this? I have had eggs that I thought tasted like a feed rather than "eggs" but it doesn't happen often.... I wish mine were laying already... I'm starting to wonder if I can't buy two pullets and squeeze them in somewhere. Lol. Crazy chicken lady!!!
I fed my hens a can of sardines in oil once. The next day, the new poops in the coop stunk horribly, and the eggs were awful. I'll never do that again.

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