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    Okay so we've been waiting for Forrest to lay an egg. She is about 4 months old and counting, and we're pretty sure that she is going to lay very soon. She is culled from the flock, and has been since she was a chick (because they would hurt her) and we soon realized she was very behind in eating, smaller than the other chickens, and she was hard to feed. Not only a cross beak, but one eye. She was learned to eat and drink on her own, and we're feeding her Purina crumbles. We slip grass into her mouth and then she eats it, and we've decided to offer her some omega egg (calcium and all that good stuff) into her food to help her eggs when they come.

    I only have one question:
    What can I give her to help her produce faster? Time is something that she needs, but I am not trying to rush her, just help her so that when she's ready, it'll be good :)

    Example: Flax, stuff like that.

    Sadly, I am still in High School and can't afford things such as feed, but I want to try small things first to help her build up.
    Any tips?
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    Just keep feeding a good balanced chicken crumble....don't start the calcium until she starts laying.
    You can't speed onset of lay, she will lay when her body is ready to.

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