feed with Amprolium should I not eat eggs?


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May 3, 2011
I have 4 new chicks their feed has amprolium in it. I offer it to them when the laying hens are out free ranging which is most of the day. my question is if my laying hens were to eat some of this feed should I throw out the eggs? or are they safe to eat still? any help would be great if I need to purchase new feed to be on the safe side then so be it.
Thanks for the reply speckledhen I'm glad I don't have to throw away my eggs.
From some reading I believe that maybe two of my mature flock (rooster and 9 hens) may have either Infective Bronchitis or maybe Newcastle disease(s)? They range over 1/4 ac. grass/weeds during days and roost in hen house at night. On Purina Layer and whatever they catch. all seem very healthy even the older birds (rooster, 5 hens) which are 3-4 yrs old. They have almost totally stopped laying. The 4 younger hens were laying some this winter and spring. Not now.... Heat, age or ????

Also have 8 young pullets, maybe 2 months old, now outside in hen yard days and roost with hens at night. Mix with them some early am and late eve when hens move into their yard. two of them also have raspy breathing. Are very active and healthy. They have been on Purina Medicated Starter and still are. It has coccidiostat Amprolium in it. Any other meds? Can't tell?

Never had wormed hens (half are 3-4 yrs old) but did put Wazine wormer in both group's water 2-3 weeks ago. Did again several days ago. Is that sufficient?

Should I try to treat hens and young pullets? With what?

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