I Am Unfamiliar With The Coban?

I Feed All My Birds Gamebird Starter Their Whole Lives. I Have Tried The Regular Chicken Chick Starter, Regular Layer Crumbles, Flock Raiser-- The So-called One Feed For All. But I Get Poor Results From All Those So I Kept Coming Back To Gamebird Starter And Now Thats All I Feed Them. I Have Way Less Aggresion Problems With My Pheasants And Bobs, The Coturnix Lay Better On It, And Everybody Has Wonderful Plumage --- It Keeps 'em All Fat And Happy
I'm with JJMR. Not sure what "Coban" is and a google search nets undesired results.
I feed game bird starter from start to finish as well. Trying to micro tweak protein levels is folly unless you buy feed by the truckload.

27% Protein is way better than fine for quail.
So YES, 27% protein is okay.

All of what I'm going to say is probably pointless except for a little insight. Feed is made from mostly plants or some animal product. All living things have carbon in them so unless extra carbon is added (which I don't have a great enough understanding to know why) I don't think it has anything to do with it other then presentation. As for protein 27% is a high number. I found out as a kid that not all protein is the same. As in recently we heard that China was dumping a chemical in there dog food to raise the protein level & killing dogs & then again they did it again to there babies. Reading labels can give you a false presumption. Unfortunately other then seeing the affects there is no other way of knowing. In my experience the products with the really high numbers that sound like the better deal is normally the worst ones.

I have a bunch of stuff laying around the house that I want to use up so I have been mixing my own grain for the quail & they seem to love the stuff. It is hitting around 18%-20% in protein. While the quail are living & look good there is no eggs yet. So ether they are slow to mature or I'm not giving them everything there body needs even though it is around 20% protein.

Edited because I should really start proof reading.
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I was just looking through one of my magazines & saw the 27% protein &
. It didn't say anything about carbon but 5#=$15 10#=$20. There is no way I could afford that. Do you pay that much for yours?
I feed my button quails turkey starter from the feed store. I get a 50 lb bag for $15.00. It is 28% protein, and does not have antibiotics in it, which my understanding from another quail breeder messes up their insides. I put it in a coffee grinder and grind it up for the newborns and grind it for 6 weeks, giving them larger grinds every week. I also cut up fresh greens,spinach,broccoli, and hard boiled eggs, shell and all, and nutritional yeast flakes from the health food store ( they love it). They seems happy and chirp and play and have fun. They also are laying eggs regularly. I wished I knew how to stop them from laying so many eggs, because I heard it shortens their lives. Anyone know?
I dont think that the meds mess with the insides
If ya want to just get rid of the extra eggs ya can box them up and send them to me

If you feed a higher % protein of starter food whether turkey chicken or gamebird there whole lives they will do good live well and reproduce.
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I should proof read my posts as well, and at least make sure what goes through my mind winds up in my post, but I'm an old fart, so beg forgiveness.
As the (HOPEFULLY) disputed champ of typos and spelling errors, I should have figured out "coban" was carbon.
Usually listed as charcoal/ash on feed labels, and is considered by me to be rather inert. I don't know all the up sides, but can't see any down side.

Proper protein plus carbon....OK

Nothing you typed is pointless. Protein is basically complex nitrogen molecules and yes, there are different types of protein. Unfortunately the test used to test protein levels in wheat gluten, a primary source of plant based protein only allowed for nitrogen content, so poisons like melamine (a complex nitrogen molecule) were substituted to cook the books. That was the pet food scare, and no dollar amount of pet food was excluded. If you checked the recall list it ranged from the 50cent a can store brand to the $5 a can premium brand.
The same flawed test was spoofed by people in the (over seas) dairy industry to get top dollar for watered down milk, but what's a human baby or two?

I could totally boor people with the melamine explanation, so I'll stop.

Cut off there light.

Yes, start with about 8 hours max, for about 2 weeks. That should turn off the egg laying machines. Then provide only 12 or so hours a day, and they will go into winter mode. No breeding, no egg laying.

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