Welcome! I have two dog dishes for my girls. One has oyster shell in it at all times. I give the girls different types of feed because I have many other bird. They love layer pellets and game bird layer blend crumbles. But they eat grower finisher and layer crumbles too. And I give them some treats every so often, figs, grapes, minced apple, lettuces, greens, etc. They are penned to free range in my fruit tree and veggie garden so they get plenty of other forage.
they are almost 4 months. the Roeon keeps trying to do it with them but I dont think he has gotten the job done yet . the roeon is about one year or so, my granddaughter got bored with him. then I got what was suppose to be muscovey baby girls. I am told that one is a Buff and the other a blue sweedish, they are suppose to be sisters.
At four months, they are still too young to be laying eggs. I would keep them on a growing out feed for another month, and then switch to laying feed. They may start laying between 5 and 6 months, or they may wait till Spring to start. If you really want them to lay this fall, you can add supplemental light.

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