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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by chickencoop789, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. chickencoop789

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    Jul 1, 2012
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    Can ducks eat/drink out of the same feeders/waterers that chickens can? Or is there a feeder/waterer specifically made for ducks?
  2. HollyDuckFarmer

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    Jun 30, 2012
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    No and no, to the best of my knowledge. My ducks drink primarily from a 5+ gal bucket that has about half of the top opening covered by a board topped by a brick.
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    Jun 10, 2013
    they can use the waters from tsc that you see down here they cost like $30 but i dont use them i just found a feed dish at tsc for like $4 that i use for water and they can not use the feeders that chicken use unless it is open like the water
  4. toowoombapekins

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    Dec 26, 2013
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    I just bought this waterer and feeder which is specifically designed for ducks (despite the brand name)
    The waterer holds 4 litres/1 gallon, and the feeder about 3kg/6.6lb

    I've only got 2 ducks and it's summer here, it lasts them about 2 days before it needs refilling (they've also got a small duck pool which they clean their bills out with). The feeder I reckon would last around a week.

    I'm very impressed with it. Both the waterer and feeder minimise spillage/mess compared to the more traditional type
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  5. Going Quackers

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    May 24, 2011
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    Yes, but that comes with some caveats. Some feeders do not allow for a bill, ducks shovel their food vs peck like a chicken so you have to inspect the feeder to see if it will allow for that.

    Here are some feeders i use.. now when it comes to water, they can drink from chicken ones BUT that cannot be the only option, they will need a bowl/bucket etc to clean out nares. I showed below some rubber livestock bowls, those are the handiest, durable, can freeze, heat up etc... they come in a massive amount of sizing, i actually use the smallest to put feed in for my calls.

    They also can be tubs lol i will add a picture of one being used that way too.




    ETA; the superbowl you can get a lid for ADORE those.. they hold 50lbs of feed and have a good opening, my Muscovy eat out of them so a large duck.
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    They can share waterers, its best to have two though cause ducks drink and splash a lot, but they need different food becuase ducks need extra vitamins etc. you can mix chicken and duck food together though and put it in the one feeder so everyone gets what they need
  7. Going Quackers

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    May 24, 2011
    On, Canada
    For a starter yes, you have to watch your niacin levels but beyond that no. You can feed ducks, chicken grower, layers etc. Not all have access to dedicated waterfowl feeds. [​IMG]

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