I just use an old plastic square basin. I used to use a refrigerator drawer. I am not real fancy here and like to recycle.
I have an old pot setting on the sidewalk for them to drink of during the day, and an old skillet that I use for feeding. Of course, I also have a rubber container of water in the pen for dipping, and an actual feeder too. Just use whatever you have that is safe for them.
I use a Kuhl 50# range feeder. It keep feed dry and I get no waste. I figure in eliminating wasted feed it soon pay for its elf.
I put the feed pot on the cover of a plastic storage bin to catch dropped feed so it doesn't fall on the ground and mold. I pick this up every night and take it into the garage so it doesn't attrack predators.
I put the pot and storage bin "tray" underneath an old painted coffee table to keep the rain and snow out of the feed. I put an old plastic skateboard ramp on top of the table that keeps it all waterproof.
In the winter I put all this on top of a low makeshift table to raise it above snow level and put up a ramp with shelf liner on it so the ducks can get up to their food.
Except for shelf liner it was all put together from used items.

ETA Photo of setup before addition of second story with ramp:
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