john in wa

10 Years
Mar 31, 2009
My Home made almost 100% waste free feeders. I see so many people asking about What can i do to cut down on feed waste. Well I started Using old folgers coffee cans. I cut hols in them and use them for my feed and water. The one in the pic has 5 cut outs and works great for feed they can not poo in the feed and it makes it really hard for them to toss the feed out on the ground.
they work great and they are free.
Is there anything INSIDE the feeder, some kind of reservoir or something?

Or, do you just fill with feed up to the level of the cutouts?
I just fill it up with feed. but i don't thing it would be to hard to make a little reservoir. i can already see one of those wal-mart .99 cent funels mounted in it.
I should do something like this, too. Simple and cheap.

Right now, I have a big flat dishpan from the dollar store. Which is fine, except they poo in it, so I have to go through it daily and clean that out, and also, they like to dust bathe in the food, even though I have two identical pans full of play sand (they use the sand, too, but not exclusively).
I Have used them with Jumbo Bobs and Coturnix. It worked so much better than the little round chick feeders i was using. The pile off feed under the pens has almost vanished and i do not need to fill it morning and evening like i did with the little round feeders.
Kat's Silly Chickens :

, if you can rig it to hang so they won't throw their pine chip flooring in it, it would be great.

Just set it on top of a block of wood, though I don't see how they could scratch too much into it.​
I used to use something like that for my grow out pen before DH made me the s shaped PVC thingy. Works good. I still use them for my Chicken chicks, I hang them just off the ground and they have a saucer bottom.

I am looking for something smaller though for inside of pen (because I use 1/2 x 1/2 wire - due to snakes) for the Breeder pens.

Any ideas out there. Only thing I can think of is a rabbit feeder with a solid bottom. Pens are 2' x 2'.
I now use the little quail saucers and the adults don't really waste much, but I want to give them more floor room.

Sorry, but I am just not very imaginative and need your ideas to go forward. And I want cheap.

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