Feeding chickens and ducks housed together

chics in the sun

9 Years
Apr 1, 2010
I know someone started a thread a few days ago about keeping chickens and ducks together, but I don't remember if it included information on feeding them. I am interested in housing chickens and Mandrins (possibly) in the same aviary (22 x 16 feet). Has anyone done this, and do they try to each eachothers food? The layer feed would have calcium in it, and I know the Mandrins only need it during laying season. I just want to make sure this is possible to do without harming either of the flocks.
My chickens and ducks (Saxony and Runners) and geese share a large run. I put out layer pellets that everyone eats. Egg laying seems good overall. I do throw whole corn to the waterfowl when I throw scratch to the chickens, but that really is the only thing I do different.
Same here. Ducks and chickens get same food, they are on layer feed, and I have free choice oyster shells and their own shells ground up, as they are all laying. The drake eats the layer feed as well, but he doesn't touch the calcium (shells). They get the same veggies and treats, they all LOVE mealworms, and the ducks also get corn kernels when the hens get scratch.

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