Feeding Chickens?? Will this seed work as main??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by robdog, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. robdog

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    Will Proso Millet Seeds work as a main supplement to chickens overall??? Not as laying feed but really as a alternative to providing grower or scratch and all to them??
    http://slism.com/calorie/101011/ It looks high in protein as well as benefit in nutrients?? Could be a easy alternative?
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    If a chicken is on a commercial diet they don't need 'supplements', but it could be used as a treat up to about 10% of their total diet...

    No single seed or grain will suffice as an alternative diet as none meet the nutritional needs of chickens, especially the required amino acids in the right proportions... Also this is a low protein seed/grain at about 10% protein, growing birds need around 18% and layers need about 16% and those values are based on 'good protein' in the right balance...
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  3. robdog

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    Well my chickens free range during the day with access to half dry/half alive grass and mulch areas all about 1/4 of a acre that they "Should" be on (They get loose onto other areas)... I barely give them food the whole day and if anything its really just scratch and layer feed thrown around into the mulch. To cut my feed down couldn't I just grown this in the back and harvest it when ready as a replacement for scratch but with better minerals inside.??
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    Your birds need a balanced base diet, available free choice. Then they can enjoy your quarter acre and a little millet as extra goodies. No way is your yard and millet an adequate diet!!! Mary
  5. robdog

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    Ehh its a good enough diet as is.

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