Feeding Cornish X


12 Years
Dec 6, 2007
What is the best way to feed Cornish Xs. I have seen remarks that you have to control the feed as some point. I have ordered 25 today to be shipped on the 23rd. Any suggestions. I have large breed birds already. This is my first attempt with cornish x.
Feed 24/7 for first week or so then 12 hrs on 12 hrs off. If this is your first time 25 might overwhelm you, it did me. I'm now only doing 11 at a time. Cost more, but is better for me.
wht type of feed should i use? Not layer, i would assume.

I neighbor and I are going together for this time.
I use Purina Start and Grow Non-medicated. They seem to feather faster and its 18% protein. Anything similar is fine.
Any thoughts from you seasoned folks on Protein %? I see 22% all the way to 28%. I did chicken starter the first time and they did ok. Second time used the turkey and had problems around 7 wks with birds not being able to walk. Don't know if that is the birds, or the feed. I'm thinking this time using turkey to begin and switch to the lower protein around 3-4 weeks. Any thoughts appreciated! Also, where is that chart on feeding amounts? I couldn't find it.

Many thanks!
Personally, I think anything over 22% is a waste. A chicken can only utilize the available protein up to a certain percentage. I see many on here feeding a 28% and can't help but think they are just wasting money. I feel you could get away with a lower protein after 4 or 5 weeks, as they are eating so much, it doesn't seem possible for their digestive system to digest it all. I've noticed as they get to the 4 to 5 week range, you can see the undigested feed in their droppings.
PM me your email address and I will send you the chart.

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