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Jun 5, 2014
Hi guys

As you may have noticed I have made several threads on basically the same thing but I am just so confused!! Ahhhh :barnie

My 4 call ducks will be living with my chickens when they are old enough to go outside so that complicates things because there are certain things that the ducks need but the chickens can't have! My chickens are currently on grower pellets with oyster shel on the side ( for the layers)

1. As ducklings what percent protein do they need from 0- adulthood?

2. Niacin gotta be one of the most confusing things! How much do they need what food provides when can they stop being supplemented do they need it as adults or will they get it all from the ground they will have access to pasture during the day?

3. Will they be fine on chicken growers pellets with oyster shell as adults?

Thanks hope I will be able to finally get my head around it ! Hah
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This is in the sticky on raising ducklings, and it is advice I followed from reading Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks.

You will find that there are different opinions. I went with the advice of Holderread.

An ideal protein feeding schedule is given in the table below. Again, this is not always a possibility for many people.


0-2 weeks

2-8 weeks

8-20 weeks

First egg
Protein level





Medicated feed (in the US) can be given depending on the type of medication that is used. Medications such as amprolium and zinc bacitracin are not harmful to ducklings. Ducks have a higher body temperature and are not as prone to many illnesses. Coccidiosis is usually not a problem for ducklings unless sanitation is poor. Therefore, feeding medicated feed is not a necessity.
Feeders should be shallow for the first few days. Jar lids, egg carton flats or anything that will not tip but is very low will work. Once eating well, they can be switched to troughs.
Whole grains should not be given until ducklings are several weeks old.
If ducklings are fed chick starter a niacin supplement should be given for the first 10 weeks. Brewer’s yeast can be added to feed (2-3 cups per 10 lbs of feed) or niacin tablets can be added to water (100-150mg per gallon).
THANK YOU!! I understand now I read the sticky but it just seamed to go in one ear and out the other! Haha so I will probly give chick starter for the first 2 weeks 18% then give poultry growers pellets with a supplement for the fist 10 weeks do they not need niacin. After the first 10 weeks? So they would be alright on normal poultry growers after that?

Thanks again I understand now I am not going to look at any other opinions saying there is the best because then I get in a pickle

After ten weeks I kept mine on grower till I saw signs they were getting ready to lay (hop on top). Then I set out free choice oyster shell and once all were lating, switched to layer feed.
I went with all flock raised for the first 6 weeks and switched to grower pellets and put niacin in the water once I switched. All flock raised has higher amounts of niacin so I didn't need to supplement. I have pekins though and they tend to pack on weight pretty quickly so you may not want to switch till 8 weeks. After 10 weeks niacin isn't needed.

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