Feeding greens to goslings- Too much?


7 Years
Apr 26, 2012
Jackson, NJ
Hello every one. I have two new sebastopol gosling approx. 1.5 wks and I think 2.5 wks. They are getting the starter crumbles and I'm giving them chopped dandelion greens. They are eating 4-5 cups a day of they greens. My concern is, is that too much and is it taking away from them eating the crumbles? I only keep seeing unlimited greens when searching, and that is always reffering to adults. Thanks for any help.
Don't worry. As long as they're always offered the starter crumbles they'll be fine. Goslings have amazing eating capacities, and in nature they'll grow on whatever greens their parents lead them to.

Fresh greens are excellent food for goslings as it keeps them active and provides lots of nutrients. You can also dig up some lawn for them; a small square of growing grass will keep them busy for hours.

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