Feeding Layers Game Feed?


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Mar 3, 2009
Would it be bad for my Laying hens to be fed a higher protien feed? My folks take care of my chickens and as of this past weekend Quail as well.. My problem is I dont want my dad to have try to remember whos feed is whos and since my girls cant freerange at their house ( darn nieghbors dog packs
) I was hoping the extra protien would help not hurt...

Any ideas or suggestions?
I don't believe it will hurt, especially for a short period of time. The 4-H'ers here feed gamebird chow almost exclusively to their chickens to get better plumage, and they all seem to have great egg production, look good, and live average lifespans. Just remember that you have to provide oyster shell since there isn't enough calcium as in layer feed.
What breeds are we talking about? What percentage is the protien? If they are the bigger dual purpose breeds and percentage is below 23% you will be fine. If it is over that then no for that is too high protien.
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The only feed I use is a 22% game bird grower. I feed it from the day they hatch. The birds grow well on it & lay well as adults. They seem to feather faster with Better feather quality than when I fed starter, then grower, then layer. In part I made the switch for the same reason you're considering it. When I go away to a show my wife doesn't have to remember which pen gets which feed-there's only one feed.
I use a 28% (or sometimes 24% if they are out of the other) gamebird feed for ALL of my birds, from chicks to keets to guineas to laying hens. They all get non-medicated gamebird starter.

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