feeding layers with popcorn as a daily snack

. I personally would not feed them popcorn.
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I'll let someone else more knowledgeable answer the popcorn question. I can't see any problems with popcorn, but variety is always better than the same 'treat' every day.
Thanks for the comments. I got into the habit of feeding my chickens popcorn because they really love it and even look forward to it. When i walk to the coop they are ready for it. I asked because I began to see the egg shell easily cracking and wondered if the popcorn was substituting important dietary requirements for solid egg layers. Today I begin to provide them "scratch" which is corn and a few other nut s and what not for them to graze on to stay busy. In a few weeks I will be able to determine the effects. They love tomatoes too!!
Why? JUst curious.
Mine love it and I lace it with black pepper.

I have ducks and crunchier food tends to be harder for them to chew on.

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