Feeding Multi-aged Chickens

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Feb 26, 2013
I have 14 chicks at 10 weeks and 2 laying hens in a coop together. Any suggestions on feeding them so that both age groups get what they need?
Easy! Just put everyone on Flock raiser or non-medicated chick starter/grower 20% protein feed. Then put crushed oystershell or crushed eggshells out in a pan on the side. The chicks won't eat much, but the hens will get what they need. The extra protein will be fine for the hens, and may help with feather picking or egg eating issues.
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Great! I figured it was easy, I just wanted to make sure they were all going to be happy and healthy! I already put out egg shells and the teens eat them up too. It's ok though--there's plenty for everyone since there are only 2 laying.
Yes, a flock raiser/all flock would be the easiest form. Mine are on that and have been since they came as chicks. There almost 1yo.
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