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    Jan 7, 2009
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    I have 3 buff orpingtons that are 10 weeks old and 1 black jersey giant that is 12 weeks old. They are all pullets. I have been feeding them layer pellets with flaked barley and a handful of scratch. I add a little hot water and then a big spoon full of yogurt when it cools a bit as well as a bit of avian vitamins( just using up a container that my parrot refuses to use)
    They get this each morning. I also give them any worms I can find,sow bugs and on cold mornings warm spaghetti or orzo pasta with their wet mash. I use alfalfa for the run so they also pick thru that as well and I do throw dandelions in and grass clippings. I also throw a handful or 2 of wild bird seed on the ground for them to search for during the day.They do not get to free range yet. They refuse to eat eggs/ fresh fruit and most veggies no matter how I cook or present them and they turn their beaks up at cat food as well.
    My questions are:
    Are they getting enough protein?
    Can I or should I add cottage cheese to the mash ?
    Should I cut out the whole wet mash thing in the morning and just feed them grains and layer pellets?
    Does layer come in crumbles and would that be better than the pellets?
    Is there an advantage to mixing gamebird feed into what I already give them?
    Sorry for all the questions at once... I have been saving up as I learn what they will and wont try.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    if they are getting 16% protein in the whole thing they will be okay
    yes crumbles do come in chicken feed
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    The pullets should not get layer feed until they are closer to laying ( 18-20 weeks?). The calcium in the layer feed could be detrimental to them.

    Feed comes in mash, crumbles & pellets. Some birds can be picky on what they prefer. Some people have birds that kick out one type to get to the other. Personally i feed crumbles as a compromise.

    The feed has all the nutrition they need. I increase protein when they are molting.

    As far as treats there are many threads on here and a section in the learning center. Personally when I am letting them free range for a while i don't give treats. However, if they are in the run all day I give them a small bowl of stuff in the mornings before work. I will alternate between things.

    The birds all seem to have their preferences and likes and dislikes. but regardless of what i put out there it is gone by night time.

    Also, make sure they have grit available to them now and oyster shell when they begin to lay.

    Hope this helps.....
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