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    Feb 1, 2013
    How often can we feed our chickens sprouts? We have one 18 week old and six 14 week olds. We have been sprouting BOSS, green and brown lentils, and scratch. Is once daily too often? Also is it ok to feed sprouts during the winter--or better to switch to scratch because of the calories and heat generated or feed both?

    Because of the difference in age we are hopefully going to have 1 hen laying before the rest. Should we continue feeding grower and provide separate oyster shell or switch everyone to layer feed?

    Thank you.
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    Since 6 out of 7 of your birds are the same age, base your purchase of feed upon the needs of the 6. There isn't THAT enormous difference in their age. You could put out oyster shells or other calcium supplement at the sign of the first egg. If you wish to switch to Layer, once everyone is up and running, that's your choice.

    The whole "heat" generated by feeding scratch or corn in the winter thing is highly suspect. Our feed is corn based, in other words it is already 75% corn. That's what they get year round. My adding scratch isn't going to generate any more "heat" and would only throw their delicate balanced feed out of whack. I am choosey about the quality and balance of their feed in terms of protein and minerals. I0% of the diet being "extras" won't mess that up, but a larger ratio would.

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